PoeThe Woodlands Writers Guild is a community of and for writers.

We welcome all writers be they amateur, professional, published, not yet published or never expecting to be published.  Our primary purpose is simple: help each other become better writers.

To achieve this purpose, we employ several methods.


  1. Time during each meeting is set aside for writers to present excerpts from their works for critique.
  2. Writing contests are run several times annually to challenge writers from various genres to put forward their best works.
  3. Published writers share their experience with the process of getting published, what to do and how whether the desire is to be indie-published or through a traditional publisher.
  4. The community approach allows writers to connect with other writers for individual critiquing and more in-depth advice.
  5. Seminars drill down specific points to aid in a writers understanding of the process.Helen_Keller

Writers of all genres are welcome.  We currently have representatives from Biography, Young Adult, Humor, Screen Plays, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Poetry and others.

Welcome to WWG-Online.  You will find in these pages resources to help you get started in the literary world.